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I used to be a priest.

I grew disenchanted, I suppose. It wasn't a good time for the Church, just before the Great Schism between east and west. Even my native Venice didn't escape the conflicts of interest and petty bickering between Church and state. Things were not well in Venice, either. The usual political intrigue.

My brother, Danilo, was already learning black magic when I left the Church. Venice was a bustling trade center, a port city with the keys to the east. We learned so much without ever leaving Venice. Of course, we did travel, all of the original twenty-two of us did, to Constantinople in 1026. There, we were to perform a ritual to bring a demon under our power. We were prepared to learn more than any of us could imagine. What we received instead was the Bane.

We knew immediately that something was wrong, before we'd even left Constantinople. We were hungry but couldn't eat. Thirsty but water sickened us. God's light burned us. The light of day sent us up like kindling. The trappings of the Church burned our skin. Danilo and I made our way back to Venice in the cargo hold of a trader's ship, where we became aware of the degree of our curse. We grew weaker and weaker as we went without food, but we didn't die. Nothing helped. It got so bad that our servants had to attend to our every need. And Danilo's grown children were also affected.

Danilo and I never told anyone that it was us who summoned the demon. Us, with the help of our household servants whose throats were slit to satisfy the demon's hunger. We chose damnation over eternal suffering. Our souls, and the souls of our children, for the means to satisfy the hunger and grow strong again. The demon gave all of us some of his own strength. Our fangs, our blood hunger, a means to grow strong again. We were stronger than before. Faster. Predators of the highest order with all of our magical ability at our disposal. God's curse still burned in our veins, but we had the means to fight it and no longer possessed the will to submit and plea for forgiveness.

My brother has ruled Venice in one form or another from the shadows for close to a thousand years. As two of the three remaining original vampires (for we CAN die, which we found out the hard way during the Dark Ages), our voices hold weight on the Council. Me, my passion has always been science. Science and magic, which over the years have melded together more and more. Knowledge is the true power, in science and among sorcerers, and I have pursued it across almost every continent on the planet. The others talk about their little kingdoms as if they are the center of the world, but I know how vast the world truly is.

I now head the medical arm of the Council. Research has been ongoing for centuries to find a way to stamp out our weaknesses. What started out as a furtive library and alchemist's workbench in a miserable little storehouse in Venice has become a multi-billion dollar facility focused entirely on our kind. That, to the human world, makes advances once in a while to medical research, but otherwise is unremarkable enough to go unnoticed. We have married our knowledge of black magic with the latest technology in order to research our own genes, map our own dna, manipulate it and design it in hopes of engineering our own future. If we could but gain the sun, we would be gods.

So far my research has yielded frustrating results. Close, but not close enough. I continue to try. I have eternity, after all.

Name: Gregorio D'AmbrosioSpecies: Vampire
Aliases: UnknownFandom: Original Character
Date of Birth: May 22, 989Role Play: Morbid Aristocracy
Age: 1026 
Place of Birth: VeniceOccupation: Research Doctor
Hair color: BlackMember of the Order of the Ruby Serpent
Eye color: Red 
Skin tone: PaleHobbies: Theater, music
Height: 5'4"Languages: English, Italian, Latin
Weight: 134 lbs 
Alignment: EvilLocation: Venice, Italy
PB: Nicolas Rogers 

Note: In the human world, Gregorio D'Ambrosio is a fairly obscure research doctor for Alberici Group, a pharmaceutical company based in Venice. The only thing of any real note about him is that his brother is a successful Italian politician and his family has long held influence and money in Venice.

Secretly, the Alberici Group is owned by Danilo and Gregorio D'Ambrosio and it is heavily involved in supernatural medical research, especially anything to do with the vampiric condition. The Alberici family have managed the company for two centuries while Gregorio conducts his research in a far more hands-on manner.


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